Our Services for Customer Success

With an experience of supporting over 1,000 apps, we can apply our knowledge in helping your app succeed globally.

Languages Provided English, Japanese, Chinese (Mandarin, Cantonese), Korean, Filipino (Tagalog, Visayan), Indonesian, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Armenian, Arabic and more…

Care for your customers and improve your retention rates through customer success. Let us provide customer support and help manage your communities via social media. Engaging with users and building a great connection with users not only creates a stable fan base but also will attract new users to your product.

From localization, quality assurance and promotion, we work as a one stop hub to provide the services you need to break into the Asian market and expand internationally depending on the stage your service is at.

Why adish?

Out of the top 52 grossing publishers in 2016 (App Annie, 2017), we have worked with a third of these companies. From big names to speedy startups, we have gained experience over the decade in the industry.
We believe we have been able to work with these companies not only due to the wonderful partnerships but also based on our performance that makes use of our strengths.

We combine the Japanese concepts of “MADE IN JAPAN” with “OMOTENASHI”, to provide the best quality support to users and services to our customers.
MADE IN JAPAN: We aim to live up to the quality that is expected due to the reputation of high quality of products and services made in Japan.
OMOTENASHI: Our services are all delivered with OMOTENASHI, the Japanese concept of hospitality, in which we put customers first.

But why outsource in the first place?

Here are a few reasons why:



    Take the hassle out managing, training, hiring a team; organizing operations and setting procedures – simply let us know what you want. Reallocate your valuable resources, such as time and people to other aspects; our teams will constantly review procedures and find new ways to be more efficient.



    Outsourcing allows for a more flexible structure where whether the workload increases or decreases, the team can accordingly be adjusted. As a service succeeds, customers increase, and so does tasks.



    With nearly a decade of experience within the industry, our experienced teams know what needs to be done. Whether it be remodeling an operation flow, creating templates or engaging users; make use of our knowledge and know-how in advising and conducting operations.

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